Pioneer in the Online Music Industry

Since 2015, it has been operating 100% online, reducing costs and optimizing results for musicians.
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Time of Experts

Musicians and developers for music go beyond technique making the world better!

Collaboration and Partnership

Our purpose is partnership and collaboration in the "open source" spirit.
Saiba Mais

Our History

Master Musica was selected for the Sebrae/DF Startup Training Program in 2015. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the study and testing of various resources and different performance models. Since 2016, he has collaborated for free with professional musicians, students who want to develop and music lovers who want to act in some way in the online world.

Sebrae Support since 2015

We seek to collaborate with the management of production processes and music distribution exclusively online so that independent artists can access resources in one place and obtain the assistance necessary to learn to obtain results.

Lelia Salles – CEO Founder