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As a musician, you know how difficult it is to make a living just from your art these days. Streaming platforms pay less and less, concert halls close their doors and the market is extremely competitive. But calm down, don’t be discouraged! There are still ways for you to achieve financial independence without having to give up your creativity and passion for music. Here at Master Música our goal is to guide you along the path of musical entrepreneurship, teaching you everything you need to set up your own business, win over fans and guarantee recurring income from your art. Through tutorials, tips from market professionals, exclusive tools and an online community to exchange experiences, we will help you promote your work, sell products, book shows and much more. Join us and transform your music career into a profitable and stable business! Start right now by accessing our sections and discovering all the possibilities that Master Música has to offer. Your artistic independence starts here. Here we go?



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Take advantage of our business strategy along with your own strategy. Includes marketing, marketplace, subscription plans, streaming, artificial intelligence, payment systems, partnerships and much more!

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Have different types of learning systems in hand. Whether for online or face-to-face teaching, you control everything! We have benefits for your students to develop their careers and musical performance.


Get full access to content coming from your website traffic, manage your students, concerts, intellectual property, sales, payments, accounting and clients.

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An online event is not just a video upload or live streaming. It involves copyright, quality and low latency in transmission. We have advanced solutions for your online event whether it is for you or your students


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