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post como ter sucesso na indústria da música

How to Succeed in the Music Industry

10 de April de 2023

How to succeed in the music industry is a frequent question that, although it has no formula, there are predictable paths that can help in professional fulfillment.

The music industry is a business that is based on music production. It includes the production of albums, singles and other material goods.

It also includes the promotion and distribution of this material to consumers. Music industry professionals are responsible for creating, distributing and selling music to consumers.

But if you’re an independent professional, you’ll probably have to do everything yourself.

The Creative Entrepreneurial

The Creative Entrepreneurial Dilemma

30 de September de 2022

Creative businesses are a vital part of the world’s economy and culture. However, these ventures are often a source of confusion for creative people. Creative entrepreneurs are people who combine their love of ideas with business acumen to create projects that advance society. However, these projects are almost always stifled by the inability of their creators to make money from their ideas. While heritage or patron support can help creative people push their ideas forward, it doesn’t help sustain them. This is because coming up with an idea is only half the battle; creators need to find ways to profit from their creations.

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